According to many recent, academic studies, these are right and wrong ways to study for tests. After reviewing many of these studies, it became clear that the EVERNOTE application can help you study the way that professionals found most effective!
Before Class in Evernote:
  • Read the text book if you know which sections will be discussed next
  • Take notes in Evernote to refer to later

During Class in Evernote:
  • Take notes in Evernote based on the lecture
  • Record the lecture directly in the note if you want an audio file to study along with.

After Class in Evernote:
  • Paraphrase and summarize the notes you took in class. Even rewrite them if you prefer! This will help you simplify confusing concepts and study at the same time since you are being exposed to the material a second time.
  • Combine and Reorganize. Add your book notes and lecture notes together and reorganize the notes as you see most fit. Instead of one long list of bullets, try adding category headings to make studying easier. This reorganization observed in studies has shown to improve test scores. You can put these reorganized ideas in a separate note in the Evernote application so both sets of information are saved to refer to later.
  • Make important information stand out with a change in color or using bold or italic font. This is flexible since Evernote allows color changes and font changes as well as the changes to bold, italics, and underlining. This will make the piece of information stand out in your mind when studying and later recalling the material.
  • Make connections with your notes to other courses or your own life. This will help you remember the information better. Note the connections you make in a different color or with a symbol like an "&" or "**".
  • Set Goals for yourself. Make a note of all the things you would like to accomplish with the very handy check-box tool on Evernote found right along the formatting bar.

  • Share and combine notes or entire notebooks with others for more effective studying. This is easily done in Evernote with the share feature, which allows sharing through email, Facebook, and Twitter!

Here are some more general tips from the experts:
  • Manage your time wisely
  • Study in different locations
  • Take breaks
  • Change subjects
  • Try to do as much reviewing as possible directly after the lecture.

Luckily, Evernote can help you study whenever and wherever you need to because it can be accessed on all devices anywhere you go!

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