EVERNOTE is very flexible, allowing you to organize your notes and notebook in many different ways.
Watch our supplementary video: Organizing Information in Evernote
1. One major way to organize notes is in notebooks. You can designate a notebook for each subject or project. A notebook can be exclusively for personal, non-academic notes. Once you figure out how to organize your notes into notebooks, they can be moved easily to allow for reorganization if need be.


2. Notebooks can even be grouped into stacks. This sample account uses a stack for each semester's notebooks and a stack for personal notebooks, including to do lists, music, and extracurricular activities.

To create a stack simply right click one of the notebooks and click "Add to Stack". If there is no stack already present click "New Stack" and name it.


3. Another way notes can be organized is using a feature called tags. You can add tags to a note to indicate a certain topic. It can also help distinguish lecture notes from book notes. Some students use a certain tag such as "exam1" for anything on their first test in that class. The tag can be anything you want and can help you organize your notes in whatever way works best for you. To add a tag, go to the note and near the title of the note there is a space indicated for adding tags. To look at the tags, find the place on the sidebar labeled "Tags" and view all of the tags on your account.

tag 2.png

4. One other popular way to organize notes is in chronological order with the date of the note in the title so that you can find notes according to when you write them. This is helpful if you remember when you wrote the note better than the actual content of the note.