How can keeping a Personal Knowledge Base help me do better in my courses?

Why would a digital or computer-based PKB be better for a student than a traditional notebook? Students traditionally take a lot of notes. Paper-based notes are a familiar solution to the problem of recording what goes on in lectures and the main ideas from readings. Their strengths and weaknesses are also familiar. Paper-based notes are often difficult to manage and re-organize, are difficult to use to connect knowledge across courses, and eventually become unwieldy to carry around.

Once notes are added to a digital PKB, they can be accessed on many platforms (smartphone, personal laptop, remote computer, tablet, etc). While studying for exams or conducting research to write papers, information in your PKB can be can be organized and re-orgainzed in multiple ways (in notebooks, sub-notebooks, and using tags and links), summarized, compared, etc. The organization process makes your notes more meaningful to you. For example, midterm summaries can be compiled and refined when you study for finals.

This website has tutorials for using a PKB to prepare for exams and write papers.
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