In EVERNOTE, there are many different ways to input your information.Unlike other note-taking apps, this one works with you and the way you like to take notes best.It can accommodate those who learn by writing, visualizing, and hearing. Furthermore, EVERNOTE allows you to utilize all of the technology and resources at your disposal.
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  1. Typing
  2. Attachments
  3. Photos
  4. Email
  5. Scan
  6. Audio
  7. Web Clipper
  8. Smart Pen

1. Typing Directly
  • One of the easiest ways to input is typing directly into Evernote.
  • This feature is standard on every version of Evernote, both for laptops and mobile devices.
  • The formatting tools are very similar to other word processors.


2. Attachments
  • Many professors put resources on Sakai, such as study guides, helpful images or figures, and especially their syllabus.
  • Click the paperclip button on the format text bar to add an attachment.


3. Photos
  • If you take notes by hand in a notebook, Evernote can still store the information.
  • Simply snap a photo on your phone in the Evernote app and the image will be automatically put in a note for you.
  • There is also a special page capture feature when photographing typed handouts from your mobile device.


4. Email
  • Each account comes with its own personal email.
  • Therefore, you can send nearly anything to this address and its contents will automatically be added to your default notebook.
  • To find this email address on a Mac: Click your username on the top toolbars, then click "Account Info", and look at the email address listed under "Email notes to"



5. Scan
  • Many page scanners have the capability to upload directly to an email or to Evernote.
  • If the scanner does not upload directly to Evernote, send it to your unique Evernote email for the same effect
  • The Curriculum Materials Library within the main library has one of these scanners.

6. Audio
  • As you are typing a note in Evernote, you can simultaneously record audio which will appear with those notes.
  • This feature is available on both the computer versions of Evernote and on mobile devices.



7. Web Clipper
  • After installation through the Evernote website, the Webclipper can take webpages and directly convert them into notes in your account.


8. Smart Pen
  • Some smart pens now have technology to upload the notes you write directly to your Evernote account.