Creating Lecture Note Summaries

Begin creating an index of lecture note summaries that can be used as a study source for exams and quizzes, or as a reference source for writing papers.

In this activity, create a new note that summarizes (in your own words) the main concepts and ideas in your professor's lecture:

Step 1: Create a New Note in Evernote and title with the date and Lecture #, and Summary (i.e. YY/MM/DD Lecture #1 Summary). You might want to experiment with titling your note so that the 'Summary' factor is more prominent; for example, labeling the note as S.YY/MM/DD.Lecture#, as illustrated in the note example below. Find what works best for you.

Step 2: Read over and think about the main ideas and concepts provided in the lecture. There may be more than one idea covered that you want to mention; think about how these ideas might relate, and include in your summary. As a general principle, a 2 to 5 sentence summary is probably sufficient (though some summaries may include less or more).

Step 3: Type a reminder as to where you can find your notes, especially if they are handwritten (for example, Find lecture #1 notes are in my pink PSY 113 notebook). If your notes are typed and in Evernote, you can copy and paste a link to those notes within your new summary note. If your notes are typed in a word document, you can drag the word document into your new note, which will create a link within the note to that word document.

Step 4: Look back at your lecture notes, think about your summary, and list any ideas or topics with which you are still confused or feel you need to spend some additional time learning. It might be a good idea to organize by bullets under a heading like – Things I Need to Learn/Study

Step 5: Tag your summary by class.topic and/or topic.sub-topic (an example of each is in the note illustration below). You may find that you can add 2 to 3 Tags per summary, and this is okay! The key is to be consistent when you’re tagging your notes in the future. In other words, you should think about how you want to categorize the ideas, and then be careful to use those same tags (unless you need to come up with a new one to fit a new idea) when tagging new summary notes in the future



After completing this activity, visit the Discussion link on Sakai and participate in the Evernote group discussion - 05 Building New Connections.

Be sure to check out the additional resources under the 'For More Information...' section on the 05 Building New Connections main page.