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Wouldn't it be great if everything you learned in college was in one place?If every piece of information was magically stored in one convenient area? An area that followed you wherever you went and was at the access of your fingertips? What if you could s e a r c h through this huge file cabinet of knowledge and p i n p o i n t the exact location of each piece of information? Though this seems like a concept of the future, this is possible right now in the present. We have the capabilities right now to keep all of our knowledge in one place.It is as simple as the download of one application called...
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If you are new at the University of Rhode Island, you may have arrived equipped with a new laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Everyone on campus is surrounded by computer labs. On top of all the school work you are trying to tackle, you are pledging a fraternity or sorority, practicing four days a week with a sports team, and participating in clubs and service projects.
You need to make the best use of both your
technology and your time.

EVERNOTE does it all:
-holds all your notes, handouts, links, lecture recordings, and research
-allows for many kinds of organization
-enables you to search your account for specific topics
-makes it easy to collaborate and share knowledge
-and works with your current study habits

Use the links and tutorials to the left to navigate and utilize
EVERNOTE to enhance your education!

Welcome to the Evernote@URI wikispace. You will find resources and activities on this website that will help you use Evernote to create a Personal Knowledge Base (PKB) that you can use to be more successful in your classes and beyond.