When you walk through the library on campus when classes are in session, it is not uncommon to see students studying with their laptops open in front of them. For many of our students and their families, it has become a rite of passage to arrive on campus at the beginning of freshman year with a laptop poised for academic work, communication, and entertainment. Recently, more students have also arrived equipped with smartphones and tablet computers. Such sights beg the questions: What are students actually doing with their computers and phones? How are they using their devices to get more value from their time at URI? Are there strategies and tools that students need to master in order to use this technology to enhance their own development?

As a URI student, it is also important to understand that the landscape of university-based learning is changing rapidly, and your expectations for what you should be able to glean from your time here should be high. Access to high-quality information of all types is ubiquitous and instantaneous on campus, so it is important for you to develop strategies for applying what you learn in your classes and what you find through your research into knowledge helps you grow and create.

The idea of this site is that with the right strategies and tools, information technology can be a crucial amplifier of your talent and diligence. In addition to the traditional uses of computers such as word processing and email communication, we think that by developing the habit of maintaining a Personal Knowledge Base (PKM) and then cultivating strategies for using your personal knowledge for academic and creative work will enhance what you take away from your college experience and better prepare you for future success in your chosen field.

Welcome to the Evernote@URI wikispace. You will find resources and activities on this website that will help you use Evernote to create a Personal Knowledge Base (PKB) that you can use to be more successful in your classes and beyond.
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Overview of Contents

  • 01 Introduction to Evernote - Why create and use a Personal Knowledge Base? In these videos and the tutorial, you will install Evernote and create your first notebook.
  • 02 Capturing Information - Now that you have started your Evernote account, it is time to set it up for gathering and organizing information! The video and tutorial will guide you through setting up and "inbox" notebook and notebooks for each of your classes.
  • 03 Organizing your PKB for success
  • 04 Using your PKB to get more from lectures
  • 05 Building new connections
  • 06 Building a literature base
  • 07 Tagging for Scholarship

Frequently Asked Questions